Below is a diary of a recent one week training programme.

The training week is very intensive and designed to cover all aspects of the oven cleaning business.


Sunday evening

Arrival followed by short meeting to discuss the training programme.

Handover of Training Manual.

Introduction at Bed and Breakfast accommodation for the week.



-         Meeting

-         Health and safety

-         Introduction to solutions and cleaning process

-         Day sheets and weekly sheet

3 Oven-clean Jobs

-         Learning the cleaning process

-         Marketing in the home

-         Oven inspection prior  to cleaning


-         Review of the day

-         Questions

-         Insurance


7.30am   3 Oven-clean Jobs

1st Job

-         Improving blading

-         Getting to know different ovens

-         Removing and fitting doors

2nd Job

-         Extractor cleaning, Filter changing

3rd Job

-         Oven door repairs, different glues

-         Using different cleaning agents


-         Introduction to marketing

-         Where to get customers, leaflets, logos, advertising

-         Suppliers, materials, costs

-         Using the data-base

-         Web-site as a marketing tool


7.30am  3 Oven-clean Jobs and extractors

-         Different surfaces, different approaches

-         Splitting oven doors safely

-         Range ovens and hobs – some dangers

-         Visit AGA shop

-         Extractors – metal and carbon filters

-         How to recover hinges



Am Office-based

-         The database – how it works plus a practical session using the database

-         Marketing strategies – what has worked for other businesses

Commercial visits

-         Different types of ovens and extractors


-         AGA cleaning

-         Splitting a Smeg oven door



-         Booking-in system

-         Record keeping

-         Telephone

-         Booking in Re-cleans

-         Contacting relevant agencies




-         Final oven

-         Bringing all the skills together

-         Finalising aims and objectives

-         Writing a Business Plan


-         Equipment and package handover


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